Highlights Extended Stay Support Scheme

The Highlights Extended Stay Support Scheme (HESSS) is an incentive for collaborations between participants to the conference and researchers working in research units reachable by train from the conference locations. The objective is to foster interactions with low carbon footprint. The mechanism is as follows:

  • Research units wanting to participate in the scheme are listed below. These units are willing to fund collaborations between Highlights' participants and their members.
  • The pair of a Highlights' participant and a member of one of a listed research unit submit a proposal which takes the form of a mail containing names, period of collaboration, and a sentence describing the activity planned. It has to be sent to the HESSS contact person of the research unit.
  • The decision of acceptation is up to the research unit. It may be in particular subject to scientific scope, number or requests, or, eg, favouring distant participants.
  • The only strict rule is that the visit should be around the moment of Highlights, and no plane should be taken by the visitor between Highlights and the visit.
  • Research units interested in participating in the program should contact us through the appropriate channels on Zulip.

Participating Research Units

UMONS Formal Methods Group in Mons, Belgium

If you are interested in formal methods (broadly) and possibly Belgian beers, our group (Thomas Brihaye, Véronique Bruyère, Mickael Randour) in Mons might be a good fit.

The trip from/to Bordeaux by train takes approximately 8 hours.

Contact Thomas Brihaye, Véronique Bruyère or Mickael Randour.
LoVe team at LIPN in Paris, France

At LIPN, the LoVe team, both for the "Logic" axis and the "Verification" axis. A list of members can be found here.

Paris is located 2 hours from Bordeaux by TGV.

Contact Étienne André.
IRIF in Paris, France

IRIF, in Paris, is welcoming Highlights participants to collaborate with its members. This concerns in particular, but is not limited to, the teams:

Paris is located 2 hours from Bordeaux by TGV.

Contact Thomas Colcombet.
LIP6 in Paris, France

LIP6, in Paris, welcomes collaborations with Highlights participants.

If you are interested, please contact one member of the following teams: BD, DECISION, MoVe, RO and SMA. The other teams at LIP6 can be seen on this webpage.

Travel time from Bordeaux to LIP6 is about 2h30.

Contact Fabrice Kordon.
Formal Methods department at LORIA in Nancy, France

The department Formal Methods at LORIA focuses on methodologies, techniques and tools for analyzing, verifying and developing safe and secure software-based systems. The department consists of five teams sharing common concepts, techniques and tools related to formal methods and focusing on specific topics. More information including the teams' web sites are available here.

Travel time from Bordeaux to Nancy by train is roughly 5 hours.

Contact Horatiu Cirstea.
Laboratoire Méthodes Formelles at ENS Paris-Saclay, France

A lab working on formal methods for the design and verification of computational paradigms. Research groups:

The travel time from Bordeaux is roughly 2 hours by train and the lab itself is about 1h15 from central Paris. Alternatively, there is a hotel on campus or accommodation in Massy (which is 30 minutes from campus).

Contact Laurent Doyen.
MOVE team in LIS lab in Marseille, France

The MOVE team in LIS lab focusses on formal methods and automata theory, with a focus on synthesis, automata and games over infinite words and trees, and transducers. The lab is located in Luminy which is part of the beautiful "calanques" national park and many hikes are accessible directly from the lab.

Marseille is located approx. 6 hours from Bordeaux by TGV.

Contact Pierre Ohlmann.
IRISA in Rennes, France

IRISA, in Rennes, welcomes collaborations with Highlights participants. This concerns in particular the teams DEVINE and LogicA. Rennes is famous for its sunny September month.

Rennes is reachable within 5 hours from Bordeaux by TGV (via Paris).

Contact Nathalie Bertrand and Sophie Pinchinat.
LIMOS in Clermont-Ferrand, France

LIMOS welcomes collaborations with Highlights participants. Such collaborations could concern the following subjects: DynFO, graph decompositions, descriptional complexity, databases.

Travel time between Clermont-Ferrand and Bordeaux is approximately 6 hours.

Contact Bruno Guillon, Mamadou M. Kanté or Alexandre Vigny.
ULB Formal Methods Group in Brussels, Belgium

Our group works on formal methods for verification and synthesis, including automata theory, games on graphs, models for concurrency, automata learning, MDP, transducer theory. We welcome Highlights participants for potential collaboration.

Brussels is approximately 6 hours from Bordeaux by train.

Contact Emmanuel Filiot.
BAAM team, LIGM in Marne-la-Vallée, France

The BAAM team, within the LIGM lab, is thematically close to Highlights: we are interested in database theory, automata, logic and games. You can check our members and recent works here and click on "Publications" or "Membres".

The LIGM is close to Paris (~30min from the center and ~1h from the train station you arrive in from Bordeaux). Paris is located 2 hours from Bordeaux by TGV.

Contact Victor Marsault.