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15–18 SEPTEMBER 2020

  • Tutorial day: 15 September
  • Main Conference: 16-18 September


Due to the COVID19 pandemic, it was decided that Highlights 2020 will happen virtually.

The goal of Highlights conferences is to integrate the community working on logic, games and automata.


This year's Highlights of Logic, Games, and Automata conference will be held online.

5 June 2020: Submission deadline
19 JUNE, 5pm GMT: Submission deadline
3 JULY 2020: Notification
15 September 2020: Tutorial day
16–18 September 2020: Conference


  1. Highlights 2019 (Warsaw, 17–20 September)
  2. Highlights 2018 (Berlin, 18–21 September)
  3. Highlights 2017 (London, 12–15 September)
  4. Highlights 2016 (Brussels, 6–9 September)
  5. Highlights 2015 (Prague, 15–18 September)
  6. Highlights 2014 (Paris, 2–5 September)
  7. Highlights 2013 (Paris, 18–21 September)

No proceedings

There are no proceedings. You present your best work, be it published elsewhere or yet unpublished.


The conference is three days long. The contributed talks are around ten minutes.


The participation costs are modest — your office is easy to reach.

Everybody is doing it!

Let's use the conference model that is so successful in other fields, like mathematics.




Research group “Logic and Theory of Discrete Systems”
at RWTH Aachen (Germany).
Conctact: Christof Loeding



Radek Piórkowski

Call for presentations


HIGHLIGHTS 2020 is the eighth conference on Highlights of Logic, Games and Automata. It aims at integrating the community working in these fields. Papers from these areas are dispersed across many conferences, which makes them difficult to follow.

A visit to the Highlights conference should offer a wide picture of the latest research in the field and a chance to meet everybody in the community, not just those who happen to publish in one particular proceedings volume.

We encourage you to attend and present your best work, be it already published or not, at the Highlights conference.


Representative areas include, but are not restricted to:

  • algorithmic model theory
  • automata theory
  • databases
  • game for logic and verification
  • logic
  • verification


Submissions should take the form of a short abstract of up to two pages describing the content of the presentation and its interest. It should serve as a proposal for a presentation. Hence, submissions should have a single author — the speaker. They can concern any recently published, to be published, or ongoing work of the speaker. We expect you to present your favourite result of the year, so there should be at most one submission per speaker. The Abstract should list clearly co-authors, if any. Submissions will not lead to publications.

There are no formal proceedings and we encourage submission of work presented elsewhere. You may submit a pre-print of a paper that your presentation is based on, but you are not required to do that.



Keynote speakers


It continues with a tutorial day, September 15, with two tutorials of 3 hours each:

  • Laure Daviaud, Probabilistic Automata,
  • Uri Zwick, Algorithms for Turn-based Stochastic games.

Contributed talks

From the 16th to the 18th around noon (2.5 days) are featured the contributed talks, as well as four keynotes given by:

  • Michael Benedikt,
  • Stéphane Demri,
  • Mehryar Mohri, and
  • Anca Muscholl.

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